Utah Student 25

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KISSTIXX on Shark Tank

Check out Coalition client Kisstixx on Shark Tank’s latest episode!

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Recent Storms

This recent slew of storms brought with it the best snow of the season thus far. The Canyons delivered. There was plenty of snow to go around.

Photo credit: Justin Olsen (above)

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Awareness is the Key

Before you think about dropping into a line, building a jump, or going anywhere in the snow, a basic understanding of avalanche safety is essential. Here in Utah we have the very best in avalanche education and forecasting and we need to spread the word.

Every year people die because they didn’t know any better. Please check out and learn as much as you can. Knowing is only the first step, the second is applying what you know and heeding the warning signs. The mountains will always be there. If you push it at the wrong time, you wont be.

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Look who decided to show up

Old Man Winter finally decided to pay us a visit! There are good turns to be had out at our resorts! Snowbird looks to receive a couple feet by Wednesday! Get your pow sticks ready! There is even more on the way:

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